Leverage Sports & Technologies

Leverage manufactures elite coaching equipment and innovative training aids along with a wide range of professional bowling machines and biomechanics technology. 

With the launch of Leverage in the UK our range of products is being used by national team that include England Nation team, England Lions, England U19 and Ireland and Scotland. We have several county clubs including Surrey, Warwickshire, Middlesex, Kent, Yorkshire and the MCC in addition to elite cricket schools and universities such as Millfied, Whitgift, Reeds and Loughborough who are benefitting from the Leverage product range.

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What do Leverage manufacturer

  • Training and Coaching Equipment
  • Bowling Machines
  • Cricket Matting
  • iRoboGoalie
  • Biomechanics Technology

Elite Coaching Equipment

The RoboArm™ is the world’s fastest ball throwing aid for batting and fielding practice. This innovative patented ball throwing aid has a tillable ball holder, new improved cup which helps in throwing the ball at higher speeds without changing the natural throw action and helps prevent injuries to shoulder and wrist. 


Bowling Machines

Leverage Yantra E3 - Three Wheel Bowling Machine. The E3 design creates numerous variations in the swing and spin, along with regular swing it can also deliver leg cutter and off cutter. It offers backspin creating drift with spin something other machines don’t offer. The E3 creates differential bounce options increase or decrease the bounce of the ball pitching on the same stop – video of the E3.

Cric-Avatar - Virtual Cricket Simulator

Introducing the best and economical cricket simulator compatible with the instant replay and Game Analytic app. Automatic line and length change and easy operate.


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