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In collaboration with The UK Ball Company we have developed our range of British Allround Sports TM match and training balls.

Our master ball craftsmen who quilt and stitch our range of cricket balls, have over three generations of experience which has been passed down from father to son. Incorporating our UK materials science R&D team, we have developed revolutionary tanning and leather treatment process for our range of balls which enable them to hold their shine and with the reinforced inner core which keep their shape retention.   

What sets us apart from other cricket ball manufacturers? We can offer our customers both options of hand stitched and machine stitched cricket balls which are made at our production facilities and then finished with strict quality control in the UK. We follow BSI and ISO manufacturing standards to ensure all our cricket balls are made to the highest quality and can be considered the best available. 

We also offer a wide range of training balls that have been specially developed with top international coaches and players like Mark Ramprakash, Paul Collingwood, Min Patel, Carl Hopkinson, Amar Virdi, etc. 

Our range of cricket balls are being used in UK, Australia, India, South Africa and West Indies in major tournaments and leagues. We are constantly striving for excellence and have a great team of current and retired international bowlers who regularly assistance with the development of our range of balls.

Our mission is to level out the playing field and offer a wide range of cricket balls and training balls.For further information contact us


Jofra Archer w
ith PVC Training Balls

Mark Ramprakash on Training Balls

Min Patel on the TEST Ball

KL Rahul on the SpinBall


Technology used to manufacture our balls

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We use the best in British hand finished leather from our tanneries in the UK. Our alum tanning process using aluminium salts, binders and protein sources, ensure the leather is strengthened and well protected with improved resistance against scuffs and damp conditions. We offer various balls suitable for different conditions. 

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Ball making is a craftsman's business with every ball constructed of 80 precise hand stitches. Our production team are a 3rd generation of highly skilled craftsman. Our intricate 10-stage process from cutting, stitching and clamping through to quality control results in an incredible cricket ball with the feel and finish you're looking for.

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Our range of cricket balls cover the professional game, league cricket through to school and university cricket. The top ball the Super Test Cricket Ball holds its shine and shape for 80 overs. 

Browse our Cricket Balls section to order online or get in touch for further information on league or school requirements. 

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