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iRoboGoalie - Mansfield Sports Group
iRoboGoalie - Mansfield Sports Group
iRoboGoalie - Mansfield Sports Group


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  • iRoboGoalie is a Robot Goal Keeper equipped with artificial intelligence. 
  • Football Clubs, Futsal, Institutions and Multi-sport facilities are best for Professional Penalty shootout practice.
  • iRoboGoalie is the best entertaining and a crowd pulling concept. It can be installed at any Amusement Park, Resort, Game Zone, Beach, Tourist Spot, Cruise etc..
  • It is the most advanced and the fastest of this kind. This concept can be used for professional soccer practice or for fun and entertainment. 
  • Its instant speed and trajectory display are very useful for the players’ skill evaluation.
  • Its Automatic Level Adjustment (ALA) Mode Randomly allows the person to score a goal and also sets the challenge just above his goal scoring ability.


Can stop the ball up to 235kph (150mph).


Instant ball display path in 3 dimension. 


Detects only the ball which is targeted at iRoboGoalie. 


Choose to set the number of levels (1 to desired number). Default: 3 levels, where 1 being beginner and 3 being professional. 


Can be installed in indoors and outdoors.


Instant display speed of the ball. 


Instant replay of the shot. 


Shoot the ball from any spot. 


iRoboGoalie can sense the proficiency of the player. After each kick , it will adjust the challenge according to the player and scored goals.


Player has to shoot the ball to hit Speedee. Speedee will try to miss the ball. Player wins if he can hit Speedy with the ball.


Remote Live Operations

Request for a live demo of iRoboGoalie.

With this innovative approach, you can operate iRoboGoalie from your location and watch it live.

A reference image with some of its controls.

How does it work?

  • Register and book an appointment for RLO.
  • Login to the RLO page
  • Operate the iRoboGoalie and the Soccer Ball Projecting machine using the given controls on the page. You can control the speed and position of the projected ball and choose levels of iRoboGoalie.
  • Ball projection and the iRoboGoalie movement are REAL. NOT graphical or animated.
  • You can view the same on live video window on the RLO page.
  • Speak with our representative while operating and watching iRoboGoalie. Our representative will assist you with the operations and answer your other queries.

RLO is fun and informative. It is as good as operating iRoboGoalie, being physically present at the place where it is installed.

Share your RLO experience with us to make it further better.



What is the warranty?

1 year limited warranty. 

Can we install iRoboGoalie system Outdoors?

Yes. We can use the iRoboGoalie indoor and outdoor. But the system needs to be protected from rain and snow. 

Can I use any colour ball?


Can I use same colour shoes as ball?


Do I need to kick from a specific spot?

Not necessary. However a minimum distance must be maintained from the ball to the Speedee.

What is the area required?

The penalty takers shoots from 9m and the goal post is of 2m x 4m

How much time does it take to install?

iRoboGoalie system can be installed in an hour.

What are included in the package?

Speedee, Cameras, Motor and goalie setup, 2 x football, Tool kit.

What are excluded in the package?

Outer structure, goal post, football thrower, lights, turf and all those which are not mentioned under inclusions.

How many levels does the iRoboGoalie have?

Up to 10 levels. 1 being the basic level and 10 being the professional level.

Is football thrower included?

No, this can be bought separately.

Do you send installation crew?

iRoboGoalie is very easy to install on your own, however we are happy to send out installation crew with an additional cost depending on the location.

Can I get live demo?


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